Saturday, July 7, 2012

Spider Folks

Okay, so here are a few sketches I did for the spider people we were talking about. Octavio, Anna and I met this morning and we kind of settled on the first design here for the species. The pincer things on the back are for pulling webbing out and they have two little arms tucked up under some bigger arms. They have four fingers on each hand, the middle finger being a bit thicker to give the illusion of five digits. The feet have two clawed toes in front, one in the back, and a smaller little claw deal higher up in their leg. Hope that all makes sense. For next week we're going to be developing characters based on the species we developed this week. We're also supposed to think about technology, weapons, clothing and that sort of thing. See you next week!


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  2. thanks randy! so i gather we're going with the more humanoid version right? i'll work on the stuff you mentioned and will see you guys next saturday! :)